Any adventurous lovers in here? My husband and I started filming weddings shortly after our wedding because we fell in love with cinematic story-telling. Our style thrives on adventurous, romantic, and daring couples. We love those in between moments of laughter and bliss! We also love photographing couples outside of weddings; engagements, proposals, or your annual anniversary portraits to capture those precious moments in time and look back each year to see how you've grown and changed together! Our portraits are film inspired, based on interaction and real emotions, and we absolutely love capturing those dreamy moments and bottling them up - yours to keep forever.

Family Portraits

I have a hard time picking out which parts of my job are my favorite; meeting my clients and getting their personalities to shine; looking through all the giggles and precious moments after the shoot; the post-photoshoot emails I get from clients after viewing their gallery of how overjoyed they are to now have these beautiful tangible memories; or my clients realizing what I realized when I first began my love for photography, that it's really much more than just a picture, its moments of bonding that are captured in time that speak volumes and tell a story in a way that words cannot. 

Individual Portraits

As a photographer, I absolutely LOVE the art of photography and the freedom for creativity. However, I take most pride in how we make our clients feel when they leave our sessions. My favorite thing about individual portraits is getting the opportunity to build relationships and connect with each individual one on one. We create a comfortable environment for each girl to express their individuality and I absolutely love watching their characters come out on camera! We laugh, we sing, we dance, oh...and we take photos ; ) Each session is a new chance to empower young women because self-confidence is where real beauty truly begins.